Jeanan Glazier

Author and Social Media Solutions Provider

“Jeanan has a way with words.” That’s what my fifth grade teacher told my parents. Her comment evoked pleasure and excitement and I’ve been refining my way with words ever since.

I’ve won several fiction writing contests and my current work-in-progress is a novel-length fantasy titled “Valkyrie”. I am also a contributing writer for Luminous Wisdom: Sophia | Enlightens, Empowers & Illuminates which debuts June 2017 and is published by Sibella Publications.

In addition, I’ve written daily devotionals, a series of articles about yoga for writers and presentations for various individuals. In 2011, I began learning about social media marketing to help a friend who had started a business. Since then, I’ve
written and developed social media content for clients in diverse sectors such as health and beauty, first responder products, training and services, industrial products, website development, sports and fitness, environmental, non-profit, organics and manufacturing.

I started Moondust Media, LLC in 2016 as a home for my fiction, non-fiction and social media work.

I hold a B.F.A. in Dramatic Writing from New York University and a M.Ed. from Framingham State University. I’m a member of ACFW and a co-organizer of the Winter Park Bloggers and Social Media MeetUp.

In my world, running and dancing are the best exercises, purple is the best color and mountains are the best escape. Fountain pens and chandelier crystals rock; it’s impossible to have too many colors of ink and too many prisms floating around.

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